“Camille was and is a godsend. She is highly compassionate and highly capable. I have always felt heard and understood during our sessions. In addition, I have always felt like I was progressing during my time with Camille. She is able to use many different counseling modalities in order to meet the needs of her clients. I’m so grateful I was able to find her at a time I needed someone the most. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone considering therapy.”

“Camille is wonderful! I’ve heard it can take a couple of therapists before you find one you mesh with, but with Camille it was one and done. We’ve spent months processing the jumbled jargon in my mind and organizing it into peaceful pieces that leave me better able to handle my day to day life. I’ve really loved utilizing EMDR, with occasional cognitive behavioral therapy mixed in. She’s always willing to work on whatever I’m struggling with but is also helpful at suggesting directions to head in on days when I’m not sure where our time would be best spent. It all feels flexible and the results have been freeing! Scheduling is easy and appointments from home make taking care of me something that I can weave into my day. I’d highly recommend Camille!”

“Camille is warm and approachable, and has great skill in providing both cognitive frameworks and emotional support. She has helped me cope with the most enormous loss I have experienced, and helped me find the strength I needed to return to work after my baby’s stillbirth.”

“Camille was amazing and so knowledgeable and understanding. She is a great listener and helped me work through a lot of perinatal trauma. I would and have recommended many family and friends to Camille.”

“After a traumatic pregnancy loss, I was lost, traumatized and in a very dark place. A friend recommended Camille, and I have since recommended her to several more people. She is both knowledgeable and empathetic. Utilizing several different therapeutic techniques she helped me to know how to process my grief. She helped me find the words and confidence to know when to talk to those in my circle, and when to tell them I needed space, or something wasn’t helpful. While my loss and trauma is now a part of my life, it no longer consumes my life. My only regret is not getting help sooner.”

“Camille has been so helpful in my healing from trauma related to sexual abuse in my childhood as well as trauma from infertility. She has helped me to reduce and eliminate PTSD responses such as severe anxiety and flashbacks. She has helped me to process worse case scenarios and to feel more confident in facing them.”

“Camille has provided excellent services that have met my needs and goals. She is warm, caring, and goes above and beyond to provide compassionate service. I would highly recommend her to a family or friend without hesitation.”

“I’ve only met with Camille a couple times, but so far I feel very comfortable with her. She makes me feel like I can share things and there’s no judgement. She explains things well. And she doesn’t make me feel rushed at the end of the meeting. I’m excited for future meetings with her.”

“Camille has been amazing and a life line for me for a couple years now. I absolutely would recommend her to my friends and family.”

“Camille has helped me transform how I’ve viewed infertility and given me a lot of tangible tools to help me succeed. I’m forever grateful for all she’s done to help me reframe the difficult things I’ve gone through! I’d highly recommend (and have already) to friends or family who need help with emotional trauma and other issues they’re dealing with. Camille has a gift for knowing how to help and when to listen carefully while giving you direction.”

“I loved working with Camille! She was kind, easy to talk to, and made me feel immediately comfortable with therapy. She helped me come up with actionable ways to work through and cope with my feelings/fears surrounding infertility and treatments. It was absolutely helpful and worth the time to meet with her. I have already recommended her to a family member and would recommend her to others needing a therapist.”

“Camille is wonderful and I value the time I spent working with her as my therapist. She provides a safe therapeutic space to be vulnerable and grow. She is warm, calm, nonjudgmental, and very knowledgeable. She honored my process and met me where I was, struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety. Camille empowered me to make changes in my life, build resiliency, and cope in more helpful ways.”

“I’ve had a wonderful experience working with Camille and have referred several friends to her. Camille is great at building rapport while remaining professional. She focuses on client needs during each session and helps the client feel empowered. This was my first experience doing EMDR and it has made all the difference. The first few sessions brought on a lot of anxiety and were difficult to process. She was in tune to that and tailored the following sessions to meet my needs. We would do meditation during some of those sessions or process current stresses if that’s what was needed – she was very flexible and adaptable. She went above and beyond as a therapist and gave me referrals for a psychiatrist, support groups, and other resources. She provided tools for me to manage my anxiety and fears surrounding a future pregnancy and I can’t thank her enough.”

“Our relationship is thriving and we are coping so much better than before! Camille has saved us!”

“Camille has done incredible things for me. Some of the things I have been through/am going through have taken a greater toll on me than I even fully understood. All I knew was that I didn’t recognize the person I was looking at in the mirror and I wanted to change but wasn’t sure how. I started seeing Camille and she has provided me with tools and strategies to help me through the good and hard days. We have used a few different therapy methods for different challenges and they have all been helpful in different ways. We have spent quite a number of hours together working on hard things off and on through the past few years and I’m so happy to say that I always leave her office feeling like a more honest and genuine version of myself then when I walked in.”  

“Camille is very compassionate, caring and easy to talk with. I was able to connect with her during a tough time in my infertility journey. It was nice to talk with someone who really gets it as they have been through it too. She was able to give me coping tactics and hope during a very hard time in my life. She linked me up with resources and groups where I was able to connect with others. I feel very fortunate for the help she provided.” 

“We had the fortunate opportunity to adopt a child and were feeling very overwhelmed in the early stages with no idea of what to expect both emotionally and procedurally. Although we got further assistance from the adoption services we later chose, Camille was a great resource to talk through our concerns and emotions. She clearly cared for our needs and was able to contribute from her own personal experiences.”