Nice to meet you! My name is Camille Hawkins and I am a mental health therapist, group practice owner of Chapters & Seasons, a center for counseling and wellness, entrepreneur, public speaker, nonprofit coach, and small business consultant. I live below the mountains along the Wasatch Front just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, and I have a BIG heart. My passion is for helping people, groups, businesses, and communities flourish.

I teach various classes and offer group and one-on-one coaching and consultation. Although I am not directly taking new counseling clients, I have a team of fabulous therapists who I mentor and coach who are all licensed in the state of Utah.

I you’re interested in working with me, contact me here to get started. I look forward to hearing from you!

“Camille is wonderful and I value the time I spent working with her as my therapist. She provides a safe therapeutic space to be vulnerable and grow. She is warm, calm, nonjudgmental, and very knowledgeable. She honored my process and met me where I was, struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety. Camille empowered me to make changes in my life, build resiliency, and cope in more helpful ways.”

“I’ve had a wonderful experience working with Camille and have referred several friends to her. Camille is great at building rapport while remaining professional. She focuses on client needs during each session and helps the client feel empowered. This was my first experience doing EMDR and it has made all the difference. The first few sessions brought on a lot of anxiety and were difficult to process. She was in tune to that and tailored the following sessions to meet my needs. We would do meditation during some of those sessions or process current stresses if that’s what was needed – she was very flexible and adaptable. She went above and beyond as a therapist and gave me referrals for a psychiatrist, support groups, and other resources. She provided tools for me to manage my anxiety and fears surrounding a future pregnancy and I can’t thank her enough.”