Women’s Healing Circle

Reach out to camillehawkinscounseling@gmail.com or fill out the form below to inquire about enrollment in the group.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where will the group be held? A: We will be meeting in a cozy space at a counseling office in Draper, Utah. Our group space is warm & welcoming with a fireplace in a gorgeous 1930’s home as well as an outdoor space with a covered patio and a beautiful grassy area.

Q: Who is the group open to? A: We welcome individuals who are currently working on self-discovery, personal transformation, and emotional healing and would like to incorporate experiential approaches to bring their individual journey to a new level of awareness and revitalization. The group is open to any person who identifies as female, AFAB non-binary, or transgender. Interested individuals will be invited to a one-on-one virtual intake with Camille prior to enrollment. The group will cap at 6-8 individuals.

Q: How is the group formatted? A: Our group is a transformative experiential therapy group held for 10 weeks on Tuesday evenings from April 26th-June 28th. Group members are invited to arrive at 7:00 pm to get settled. The group will begin at 7:15 pm and will end at 9:15 pm. Yoga mats, blankets, and meditation chairs with back support will be provided. Group members are welcome to bring their own items if they would like. Some of the weeks we will have guests for the first hour to guide us through an experiential practice such as mindfulness, gentle yoga, qigong, sound healing, native drum circle, and more. Our second hour will consist of sharing, discussion, learning, and reflection.

Q: Who will be facilitating the group? A: The group will be facilitated by therapist Camille Hawkins, LCSW who has been practicing as a counselor and community builder for over a decade. Read her full bio here.

Q: How does payment work? A: Payment can be arranged with Camille directly and we can find a plan that works for you. Most group members are paying half of the entire group fee when they enroll ($375) and the other half a day or two prior to the start, however Camille can work with you and your unique situation. Reach out to discuss. Payment options include venmo, credit card, or HSA/FSA cards.

Q: What COVID19 precautions will be in place? A: Masks are welcome but not required. The indoor space has an air purifier and the outdoor space is a great option to be utilized as well. If anyone is unable to attend due to illness, we will do our best to link you into the group virtually. If cases increase, the mask policy may be re-evaluated and outdoor space can also be utilized.

Fill out the form below to inquire about enrollment in the group